The Milky Way in between rocks at Castle Hill, New Zealand

Outer Edges

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"Outer Edges"

There is a weird face in the rocks that I can't un-see!

I often wonder how far humanity can go, how far we can reach.
I'd love to be able to see our planet several hundred years from now, if we reached a utopia like state, if we will be on the Kardashev scale.
The title of this image is inspired by the final Noisia album (which is awesome)

Can you spot the Galactic Kiwi in the sky? New Zealand's national bird.

This is a blend of images from two outings, I can't wait to go out and shoot like crazy when this lockdown ends.

Canon EOS R
Foreground: 16mm, f22, 1/5s, ISO100, Vertical pano of 4 images
Sky: 50mm, f2.5, 60s, ISO1600 x 6 stitched shots

Printed on the worlds best 300gsm Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White with the state of the art Canon Pro-1000!
Heavy photographic weight, with an improved sheen level and pronounced pearl texture finish. Ultra white base for clean whites. Scratch resistant resin coat surface.

Please note: Some images may be slightly cropped for print dimension purposes