The Peak
The Peak

The Peak

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"The Peak"

Silver winner in the Epson International Panorama Awards 2021.

This photo "The Peak," holds a unique spot in my portfolio and is what I believe to be the first astro image taken from the top of Peak Hill, New Zealand. This is more than just a photograph to me, it's the image that gave me the confidence to tackle intense hikes like this.

Within this panorama, not only can we see the Milky Way rising, but we can see two objects which can only be seen from the Southern Hemisphere - the Eta Carina Nebula makes its appearance at the top center, with the Large Magellanic Cloud to the right and waves of airglow gracing the horizon. Airglow occurs when atoms and molecules in the upper atmosphere, excited by sunlight, emit light to shed their excess energy.

Getting this image wasn't straightforward. The aim was to scale Peak Hill with all my heavy astrophotography equipment and then capture panoramic night views. Shortly into the hike, the burden of the 27kg bag hit me. The trail was steep and demanding, but the excitement and vision of the shot kept me going.

On arrival at the top, the wind started blasting me. For precise long exposure shots, a calm environment is crucial. On my third try at this multi-row panorama, the wind dropped off and I had a 40-minute window of stillness.

The creation of this photo spanned 4 hours of driving, 5 hours of hiking, 7 hours on the hill, and another 8 meticulously editing and piecing everything together.

"The Peak" isn’t just about the epic visual appeal; it captures passion, accuracy, and a bit of self-created luck. It's a reflection of my journey. This is a standout piece of mine, now available as a print for those who resonate with its essence. I hope you can experience a sense of connection to it, similar to what I feel.


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