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Standing under the night sky for long periods of time gets you thinking, thinking about existential questions. Like if there's life out there? How do we comprehend the incomprehensible vastness and scale of the universe? Then my own life and little world and whether I'm in control of it, and how to maintain that control / self-control? I never have the answers, only the thoughts. 

This was shot on New Years Eve in the Canterbury High Country, New Zealand. Near Lake Ohau. 

I shot the mountain at blue hour after the sun had set, this allowed me to get a cleaner image.
I then waited for darkness and tracked the Orion Constellation (also known as The Hunter) across the sky for an hour, when I stopped tracking it was aligned with the top of this mountain.

Printed on the worlds best 300gsm Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White with the state of the art Canon Pro-1000!
Heavy photographic weight, with an improved sheen level and pronounced pearl texture finish. Ultra white base for clean whites. Scratch resistant resin coat surface.

Please note: Some images may be slightly cropped for print dimension purposes