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Human civilization has ended, a new super-intelligence has taken over, accelerating its technological growth at an incomprehensible rate, all that remains is rubble and the stars we once reached for.

A fantasy image from New Zealand's South Island.

 I shot the two frames for this composite image back in July last year.
One image the night before while hoping the clouds would clear, and the next just after sunset at blue hour the following evening.

The large bright spot shining through the moisture in the air is Jupiter, the orange star is Antares in the Scorpius region.

Printed on the worlds best 300gsm Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White with the state of the art Canon Pro-1000!
Heavy photographic weight, with an improved sheen level and pronounced pearl texture finish. Ultra white base for clean whites. Scratch resistant resin coat surface.

Please note: Some images may be slightly cropped for print dimension purposes