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Moon Fall

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"Moon Fall"    

You don't often see me taking pictures at night when the moon is still up, but this unplanned scene that presented itself to me while I up a remote valley setting up camp for the night was just too good not to shoot!

This was taken at 10pm two hours before the 15% waxing crescent moon was due to set below the horizon, those are some large mountains I was at the base of.

I believe the largest peak is Taiaha Peak at 2241 meters high. Taken in the Canterbury High Country / Southern Alps.

I love the way these waterfalls lead to the snow and moon.

Canon EOS R + Sigma Art 105mm

Printed on the worlds best 300gsm Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White with the state of the art Canon Pro-1000!
Heavy photographic weight, with an improved sheen level and pronounced pearl texture finish. Ultra white base for clean whites. Scratch resistant resin coat surface.

Please note: Some images may be slightly cropped for print dimension purposes