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I shot this at Southern Bays near Christchurch, New Zealand back in April 2017, there had been Aurora displays the few nights before but I was unable to shoot, I thought I'd try my luck and head out even though the KP wasn't very high.

I set up the iPano and programmed it to start on the bottom row, during the test shots there wasn't much activity, by the time the iPano robotic panoramic head got to the middle rows the Aurora had really flared up! Very lucky!

This enabled me to take a high resolution Aurora shot, before editing and cropping the image was 38310 x 15762px, that's roughly 600 megapixels, after cropping quite a bit this image ended up being 260 megapixels, I decided to go with a 1:2 crop ratio.

Stitched in Autopano Giga after exporting developed tiff from Lightroom, I brightened up the foreground a little in PS afterwards.

Canon 6D, 50mm Sigma Art
f1.8, 10 seconds, ISO-6400
64 shots, 4 x 16

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